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Twin Flame Erotica 18+


Lonely? Looking for love? Then read my twin flame beginner's guide and erotica serial stories below. You'll discover all about twin flames as you read examples of how others met theirs, and be guided with tips on how to attract your own twin flame NOW!

Mickie's Twin Flame Insignia

Mickie's Twin Flame Insignia

“Twin flames from a single fire locked forever in desire...”
— Mickie Kent
Many twin flame symbols have been imagined over the years, and this is my attempt: The symbol I've devised is comprised of two identical red hearts drawn in a single, continuous loop. The identical hearts signify the twin love element; the colour red signifies the flame. Drawn in a single line to symbolise the same divine source they come from, the loop stands for the ancient symbol of infinity - because the love for a twin flame never dies.

Welcome to true love everlasting.

Twin Flame Love: A Beginner's Manual to All Things Everlasting
Introductory Articles:
True Love Stories Never Have Endings
Finding Your Twin Flame-1 -2 -3
Twin Flame or Soulmate?
Four Essential Tips for Twin Flames
The Science of Twin Flames-1 -2 -3
Five Steps to Your Twin Flame
Twin Flames Are Made of Love
Forever with Your Twin Flame
The (Long) Road to True Love-1 -2 -3
Facing Challenges with Your Twin Flame
Trust in Twin Flame Love
Fixing Twin Flame Relationships
True Twin Flame Stories-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7
Fulfilling Twin Flame Relationships
To Be a Healthy Valentine
Fight for Your Right to Real Love
The True Attraction of Opposites
Fall in Love Beautifully

Read Twin Flame Erotica18+

Reading really is good for you! Immersing ourselves in creative works of erotic fiction can help our minds reinforce, visualise and attract love into our lives. Well written erotica can also help to raise our healing sexual energies, boost our mood and ignite our imagination.

Twin Flame Erotica by Mickie Kent

It is said we power our hearts and minds with what we read. Well as a writer of romantic erotica I fully believe in the power of love stories. When we read about the power of love, we are on a search for the original source that lights up our lives. Often these tales of true love are the modern parables of our times, with important lessons for all who house its flame.

My Twin Flame Erotica SeriesTM is specially designed to incorporate useful information and guidance about twin flame love. It is fantasy, fiction, and fable all rolled into one. As you read, look out for secret clues and hidden meanings that reveal the overall patterns of the characters' cosmic destiny - things we need to look out for in the lessons to our own lives.

Enjoy your reading!

Her Bad Boy
Her Bad BoyHer Bad Boy blurb

An original story by Mickie Kent.
Part of her Twin Flame Erotica Series.
2012-14. All Rights Reserved.

Yours in love,

Mickie Kent


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