Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tantric Sex and Twin Flames


Attract your twin flame sex week

In my "Four Essential Tips for Twin Flames" article, I talk about how sex with your twin flame will be out of this world. It's like having tantric sex without the training. But what's all the fuss about getting some action, when twin flame love transcends the act itself?

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Lovemaking is a major aspect in our lives, and if you'll pardon the pun, it's a screw on which the world turns. Great sex has an incredible way of bringing two people closer together. And the more aroused you feel, the more intense the experience can be. It's often the case we're told that life is a contact sport. Well, so is love, and when we take a look at sex through the prism of twin flame love, its dimensions triple.

Intimate sexual relations that are beneficial, re-energise you to promote healing, and boost physical and spiritual well-being. Through the intimate connection with another, our stress hormones lower and our serotonin shoots through the roof, and experts says that sexual energy is one of our most powerful energies for creating health. That's the basic point of tantric sex - to channel all the sexual energy that would normally leave during an orgasm, back into your body. It gives you so much energy!

Making love with your twin flame will be like that; it will give back what it takes, because it's not just body satisfying, but soul gratifying. It's this energy that makes partners feel so vital. I also mention in my "Four Essentials" that where sex is a state of the body and love is a state of the mind, when twins find their flame these two states combine - and it's this synergy that those practising tantric sex aim for.

It's been said that such intimacy is great for our health, and it's beneficial to the health of a relationship, too. The principles behind tantric practice can go a long way in deepening the connection you share with your partner - whether they're your twin flame or not.

But for twin flames - because of the deep connection that already exists - sex is not just a melt in the mouth affair, or about chasing after an orgasm. When they come together in the act of making love, they focus on the whole show. Rather than focusing solely on the grand finale, twin flames will instinctively attempt to prolong the act and take advantage of a whole range of feelings on offer, and in doing so, increase the potent sexual energy and intimacy between each other. That's because they're letting their souls do the talking, and not their bodies, in welcoming love.

Cultivating your sexual energy

Twin flame sex is out of this worldWhen twin flames make love, they are channelling something that goes far deeper than skin deep.

In joining with our true love, we lose our egotistical self to find our true self, and this increased spiritual awareness (the "psychic link-up during twin flame sex I wrote about in the "Four Essentials" article) is a keystone to tantric training, too. In that form of sexuality, followers believe they become more aware of what they call the sacred life force, or the sacred unity of love.

But they also know that cultivating this sexual energy is just one dimension on the spiritual path to becoming more aware in our relationships. Similarly, sex ceases to be just an act for twin flames, because they come together as two halves of the same source when they make love, and sex is just a means to this end, not the end itself. The love of a twin flame is a spiritual awakening, and making love is just another way to connect with your true love.

As a connection device, however, it's a powerful tool for couples, and is especially a valuable aid if the relationship is struggling with the challenges we all face at one time or another. It can become a useful rite of healing against the daily demands of living in the real world.

Making time for sexual rites such as these can help with challenges in a twin flame relationship, because when we let go and our sexual instincts go on auto-pilot, it's our souls that take over. So, treat it as medicine to take nightly - or any time of the day that suits you - but use your lovemaking as quality time for the health and longevity of your relationship.

With that in mind, it's time to get practical, and post a few good tips to put the theory into practice with your true love. At the end of my next few posts on this subject, I'm going to share five tantric sex tips specially designed for twin flame lovers. You won't find guidance like this anywhere else, as these are tantric techniques specifically tweaked for couples that are twin flames.

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And don't worry if you haven't found your twin flame, yet. These tips will help all partners boost their own and their current partner's sexual energy.

Yours in (sexy) love,

Mickie Kent


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