Sunday, 4 March 2012

True Twin Flame Stories-1


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Some will have heard the saying that love is born with a smile, grows with a kiss, and dies with a tear - but for twin flames love is born in the eyes, grows in the heart, and never dies.

You'll love your twin flame irrelevant of whether their chromosomes have combined beautifully, or they happen to be a hunchback. You'll love them not only for what they are, but what you are when you're with them. You'll love them just because you do, and because no other reason is needed for loving your twin flame.

Often in a love relationship, we enter a person's life trying to make them love us, but a twin flame let's you feel that you're worth so much loving, that no response is even necessary - but you respond instinctively because you feel the same way. It's a strong electrical current that joins even the most opposite poles together.

My best friend and her twin flame are the perfect example of opposites attracting, and on paper you couldn't make work, what works between them so beautifully in real life. When they are together, everyone turns to look at them - their combined aura has a strong pull, and many twin flames will have shared similar experiences.

They were having a conversation the other day, and he told her randomly that he loved her.

My friend asked, "But how do you know it's true love?"

"Because I feel the same way even when you're being an idiot," he replied.

And that's what twin flames do - they love one another even when they least deserve it, because that's when they really need it.

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Yours in love,

Mickie Kent