Sunday, 4 March 2012

Forever with Your Twin Flame


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My twin flame left a message beside my pillow this morning before he went to work.

I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky, until the rivers all run dry, in other words until I die, the note read.

He also knows I used to love reading Dr Seuss' books about bizarre, far-off worlds when I was in primary school, and so will sometimes leave me quotes around the house from his books. Anything with a forever theme. He does little things like that, because he's my twin flame.

Am I just very lucky to have a hopeless romantic as my twin flame? You'd think so, but in fact, in his previous relationships - so I've been told - my twin flame was the least romantic guy you were ever likely to meet. And trust me when I say, I'm no man tamer. So, what happened?

Nothing. He says he just woke up to the fact that he'd finally found what he was looking for - had been surprised to realise he'd even been looking at all. A simple connection with the eyes was all it took, and our story with forever began.

Of course I say simple, but love never really is. It may start with a simple look, and I could write the greatest love story and convince every reader I knew what I was talking about, but the truth is, when it comes to love, no one knows what the future holds. But love with your twin flame is forever.

In my article headlined "Five Steps to Your Twin Flame", I wrote that just because a relationship has ended, it doesn't mean he or she isn't your twin flame. It could be that because of unresolved issues in previous relationships, we may be suspicious of our instincts when they tell us that this time, this is it.

And so unaware that we have our twin flame (indeed some don't even know that there is a term for what they're feeling) we put out a love which has the fuel to burn forever. But love for your twin flame never really dies. The embers stay in your heart to smoulder for the rest of your lifetime.

If there's that one guy or gal in your past that, despite all the people who've come and gone since, you just can't forget, then there's a big chance he or she is your twin flame. But like Dr Seuss' classic tale "The Lorax" - a greedy character who devastates the environment by cutting all the Truffula trees and comes to regret his actions - you only really know the worth of something once you've lost it. And if you still get the sweats about a certain someone, it could be you've got what I call, the "forever fever".

So, how can you tell if you've split up from your twin flame? What are some of the symptoms of this forever fever? Ask yourself these three questions:

Things you realise when you lose someone

  1. Do you get mad at yourself for not saying the things to him/her you could've said a million times?
  2. Do you now realise you took for granted the days spent doing nothing, when you could've spent it with him/her?
  3. Do you get mad at yourself for not having the courage to have said the things you want to say now that he/she is gone?
If you answered yes to all three questions, then the probability has just shot up that the person gone is your twin flame. Look at the questions again. They have something else in common. They are all questions related with grief.

Anyone can be taken at any time in our lives, and sometimes losing our twin flame is not in our hands, but in the hands of fate. However, forever fever is grief not of something that has died, but grief over something that is lost and can never die.

When something is over, it is over. It can take time, but we know when it is over. We can be together with someone, and know it is over, or we can be apart from our twin flame, and know that we will always love them. In some way, I think Madonna's twin flame was Sean Penn, when she called him "the love of her life" in her 1991 "In Bed With" documentary. She intimated that she had never loved anyone like she had loved the bad boy actor, it was just the relationship that wasn't fated to be forever because of their circumstances.

Watch that documentary and look at Madonna's face closely when she confesses her love for Penn - that's forever fever.

That's why I count my blessings every day, and when I write my stories about twin flames, I always try to spin a story that involves finding true love, to remind me how blessed I truly am.

And did I respond back to my twin flame's pillow talk? You bet I did. I sent a text to his smartphone.

Don't die. You're no Lorax, You're the boy who saved my devastated world, I wrote back.

Yours in love,

Mickie Kent