Sunday, 23 June 2013

True Twin Flame Stories-5


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Amongst the hundreds of mails I receive, the ones I most enjoy are the ones from readers who wish to share their true twin flame love stories with me. These stories, sometimes happy sometimes sad, can hold important messages for the seekers, or even those in relationships already, to help guide us through our own journeys.

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Katy's email reached me about a week ago, and I thought it would be perfect for my "True Twin Flame Stories" series. I leave it to her to tell us in her own words how she met her twin flame.

QuoteMickie, I love your articles. You just have such a natural wisdom, and I learn so much about you. You share so much with us, and I just wanted to share my story with you, because you play some part in it as you will see.

At uni, I had a massive crush on my best friend. We did the same course, lived in the same house, and spent pretty much every hour of every day together. I assumed it was so obvious that I adored him, that I didn't ever need to say it, and that we'd eventually just start dating. Instead though, he went to Thailand for his gap year. He had to cut it short when his father died suddenly, and the last I had heard was he had dropped out of his studies to find work to support his family.

He is the sexiest, sweetest, funniest boy I'd ever met - he was perfect. With one look from him, he penetrated this hymen of unconsciousness I had been wrapped in, it was literally like a bolt from the blue. Sadly though, my brain decided he was too perfect, and I became convinced if we'd ever gone out he'd have eventually dumped me for someone better. That's how I explained it to myself anyway, but I always regretted not calling him soon after, or going to him after his father's death.

I tried calling him after the school year, but he changed his number. I never stopped wishing how I'd not taken anything for granted and told him: "You mean everything to me". That regret - and I still have it - is with me five years on.

Back then I had no name to give these feelings, until I found your writings, Mickie. It was like a light bulb flashing on in my head. I was elated, but desperate at the same time. I had lost my one and only true love, and I still had my whole life ahead of me. I felt devastated, but your articles comforted me. I thought there had to be a purpose to all of it.

A couple of months ago, I met someone online, it only went so far as chatting on Skype - I am well aware of the dangers of meeting people online. We laid down a couple of ground rules; we would only talk about our interests, and the such - no "past life mistakes" as he described them. We chatted every day, and discovered we had loads in common. We were getting on brilliantly. I found myself laughing out loud all the time sitting at my screen, reading his comments.

Last month, he asked me for my phone number, said he wanted to text me, and that he needed to see me. I asked if it was okay if I brought a female chaperone for our first date, and he said that was fine - he could bring his mother!

A few days later, we were texting to arrange the date, but then suddenly I didn't hear back from my last message. Assuming he'd lost interest, I was upset, but left it at that. I didn't go on Skype, embarrassed to chat. I didn't want to hear excuses.

It was only last week, when I finally got round to some "phone admin" that I realised the last text I thought I'd sent actually just saved in my drafts! I should have just called and said, "This is what happened, do you still want to meet up?" - but at first I was hesitant. We hadn't spoken on the phone yet, we had just texted. I got scared – but then I remembered your articles, and what happened last time. I didn't want that regret again. It was better to go through the risk of making a fool of myself then living with that regret.

So, I took a deep breath, threw caution to the wind, and pressed the call button. It felt like hours before he finally picked up. When I heard his voice, I recognized it immediately, but I just couldn't believe it. It was my hot boy from uni, my one and only that I thought I had lost for good! He was just as shocked - what's the chances of two old uni mates finding themselves in the same city, and discovering each other chatting on line?

We agreed to meet that same day, went on a date and got on as though the last few years never happened. He was as hot as ever! He had gone back to uni, finished his studies, and was doing what he wanted with his life. It had taken him a year or so, but he had done it.

We are now firmly in love with each other, and are planning to get married next year, and though he tells me not to be silly, the regret of not being there for him is still with me. But I am wised up thanks to your articles, I have turned that regret into a positive - as an incentive to always remember how lucky I am - how lucky we are. Thank you, Mickie, and bless you and all my twin flame sisters and brothers out there."

Yours in love,

Mickie Kent


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