Friday, 17 February 2012

Stay Forever Young with Love


Stay YoungWe are always on the lookout for the all too common signs of our body ageing - wrinkles, sagging skin, weight gain, memory loss, low energy and sex drive. We will try various methods to cleanse our clogged up systems to try and reverse the signs of ageing, but it feels like an uphill struggle. Time has the advantage over our bodies, and it always will. But the human obsession with youth and the cosmetics industry perpetuates this self-destructive behaviour of trying to recreate an illusion.

There is no Dorian Gray magic or elixir to physically keep us youthful. We can completely change our diet to one rich in raw and whole foods, lean protein and detox juices, try and cleanse our body of toxins and free-radical damage - that so many now say is the major factor that causes wrinkles and other symptoms of ageing - but it will feel to many of us that we are fighting a losing battle.

Looking after your outer beauty isn't a bad thing. Every heart longs to stay forever young. But we throw our money on the latest creams, chasing the dream of youth. Many of us are suckered into commercials and miracle stories of housewives that have discovered the latest cream or method to literally melt the wrinkles away, when really we should try and be happy with who we are. When we feel unloved, or have no love for who we are, then we are looking at ourselves through our insecurities.

In these instances there is no cream to rub on the heart to keep it young at heart, except for love. It is only captive to time in its physical sense, but in all the ways that matter, love is the real fountain of youth.

If we have wrinkles in our heart and soul that we don't bother to iron out, then it doesn't matter how beautiful we may become, we will always see ourselves as ugly when we look in the mirror.

Recognise any of these symptoms? We look in the mirror and wonder, Who is that person looking back? Or we begin to think that perhaps the years have not been good to our face. Or maybe there's a new line or two that's just shown up, which concerns you. Do you feel you need to take action and reclaim your face, wanting passionately to revert back to your childhood, when things always seemed better?

But could it be that, more than the changes time has wrought on our face, it is our outlook that somehow influences the way we see ourselves today? If that is true, then our horror at seeing a wrinkle we never thought was there before, may just be the way we have changed over time to respond to life's events.

We need to believe in the power of love with the simple faith of a child, and awaken the child that still lies dormant in all of us who have forgotten what it is to be young. This is real rejuvenation, that will bring the person that used to smile at you in the mirror back again.

It is also important to keep your mood/attitude/vibration up to attract the things you want. This is true regardless of whether you want to attract your twin flame, more wealth, a new job or better health. You can't achieve any of this without bringing the positive influence of love into your life - at least you can't sustain any of it with any degree of happiness.

Happiness and love are the only wrinkle cleanse diets that really work - they are the only gurus you need through your walk in life to help you stay truly young at heart. As the song says, money can't buy you love, because love is priceless. The real thing is something no amount of hard cash can buy.

Yours in love,

Mickie Kent