Friday, 14 February 2014

Love for More Than One Day


This post is going to be a quickie as my twin flame and I are on holiday to celebrate Valentine's Day.

As always, I like to emphasise that love really shouldn't be for one day. It can't be summed up in a single card, or expensive gift. Love is the sum of the small moments, when the first days of idealistic love give way to the discovery that true love takes effort, hard work and acceptance.

In our family, love is the yearly, daily, momentous occasion of our lives; for us it's like breathing - however else your mind might be detained, your body doesn't forget to do it. We don't need a day to remind us. But as we need to be mindful of our breath, we must also be mindful of love for its well-being.

As I opened my blog on Valentine's Day, it's a special day for Mickie Kent, too. The day doubles as our anniversary, and what could be more suitable for a blog that centres so lovingly on love? So, as an anniversary, and an opportunity to reaffirm our feelings for each other, why not on Valentine's Day?

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That's why in February, we like to have a month long celebration of love in place of just the one day. A kind of week-long "advent" leading up to Valentine's Day itself, and then twelve days of love which leads nicely up to the end of the month, plus two extra as a last "hurrah"!

The last two days of February we have a marathon sex session of the senses, where we "make love" for two days. We give the world our days, but the nights are just for us. It begins with long protracted foreplay, the leaving of secret doodles and messages, poems, little food gifts, and private, intimate glances and touches that foretell nights of passion. Use your imagination for the rest, we sure do!

But best of all the month is a reminder, and an affirmation to each other that we will love, cherish and honour the soul we are twinned with for more than one day, or one month, but for as long as the breath lasts in our body. And even beyond.

Down the centuries, poets have described, interrogated and celebrated love as one of the most intense and important of human experiences. Not always words that shout of earth-shattering romance, but of comforting, humble love, too.

It's the realistic portrait of a couple that many of us will find familiar - of battling against the noise and crowds of everyday life. Of teamwork and tenderness. Of joy and affection. Of obligation and commitment. Of the sensual and the spiritual. Of the kitsch and the kinky. Of inarticulate feelings finding voice. Of learning to re-love one's self after trauma and loss. Simply, and yet in all its infinite complexities, of love.

So, let's all celebrate the love today - whatever form that may take. From letting that special someone know you think they're great to starstruck lovers championing mutual, adoring love, to the symbiotic relationship that is the guiding impulse for all.

Finally, I want to end by wishing you all a happy month of love. The past two years on Mickie Kent have been a fantastic journey, filled with a lot of insight, sharing, and happiness. Together long may the love continue.

Yours in love,

Mickie Kent


sarah said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! XXXX

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Happy valentine's xXx really good post babe

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have a nice holiday