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Finding Your Twin Flame-2


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If I were to ask whether you were ready to spend your life with your twin flame, you would probably say, who isn't? We all at one time or another in our lives imagine what life will be like when we wake up each morning to the smiling face of our true partner in life. Someone to share our deepest thoughts with, someone we can dream with about our future. Someone who makes you giggle with laughter and tingle with desire.

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Your twin flame is that special person who recognises your beauty (inside and out), cheers you on to success, and is fully devoted to you. And in the past, you've probably really, truly, sincerely tried to find someone that felt completely right for you. Yet somehow, for whatever reason, it hasn't worked out the way you had hoped.

But it is all part of the process that will ultimately lead you to your twin flame. Such seemingly disastrous relationships on the surface can actually be purifying and focusing as they make us realise what we don't want, and what we do - twin flame love. However, our previous bad relationships in the past - known as karmic relationships by some twin flame experts - can also be a block to us finding our twin flame, namely if we allow our previous bad relationship experiences to stop us from trusting in twin flame love.

Some have called these karmic relationships "twin flame counterfeits", but that confuses the issue, because twin flame energy is a finely tuned frequency. As the universal source that gives life is finely tuned, so, too, twin flame energies can only resonate with a twin flame. If it's a counterfeit then it isn't a twin flame, and it's an oxymoron to suggest otherwise. While confusion over a soulmate is understandable, if we are mistaking our emotions (or emotional baggage) for twin flame feelings, then it is because we have never experienced twin flame feelings to compare, or we just are not yet aware of our twin flame energies.

Think on this saying by the mystic poet Rumi: Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. So, if twin flame love hasn't happened for you yet, don't lose heart. If you aren't with your twin flame right now there are often some common (and correctable) reasons why. Maybe you're still hurting after going through a disappointing relationship. Or you find yourself repeating the same troubled patterns that haunt you from your past. Perhaps you're holding on to beliefs that you're "too old" or "too young" to find your twin flame. Maybe you feel as if you’ve already met your twin flame, yet it didn't last.

It's not uncommon for our twin flame to be in our lives at different times for different reasons, because the intensity of feelings has made him or her "run". Experts explain this as the "runner" stage in twin flame relationships, where the person we are interested in temporarily "runs away" from the potential of a relationship.

It is before this, experts believe, we usually have one or few seriously devastating relationships. These begin with strong emotions, and end painfully. The purpose of these karmic relationships, as mentioned before, is to make us yearn for "the one" so we begin to actively seek him or her.

However, when we do meet our twin flame, this "intense desire" will be like nothing we have experienced before, and for some it is natural to want to run, either because we don't know how to handle these new feelings we're experiencing, or because of being scarred by karmic relationships, which we can find so difficult to open up about.

Finding your twin flame: Why twin flames run

The runner

If you have met your twin flame, and you find yourself at this stage, it is only natural, in turn that you feel deeply shocked and hurt either by being the "runner" or the "chaser", as these will often be unexpected behaviour patterns for you. Either you will not be used to someone running from your affections, or maybe you have never had to chase anyone before!

Now is when you will really feel the need to understand what really is happening, and so you start searching or reading about these feelings. This is exactly the right thing to do, as it is meant to lead to your own enlightenment and spiritual development, and this is the moment many readers find themselves discovering my twin flame articles.

The runner stage is not solely a male or female thing, because gender is not an issue with soul love, as souls have no gender. It's also important to remember that gendered traits don't have to correspond to biological sex, or even gender. Romantic love shouldn't have us thinking we need to give up gender equality, either, or limit ourselves to stereotypes.

It's not always the women that do the chasing, nor the male that does the pursuing. Indeed, we may both do some running and some chasing throughout the relationship. We shouldn't confuse this important stage with the traditional image of matrimony which always seems to have women desperate and chasing, and men running away. Nor should we conform to the belief that a man is like a cat; chase him and he will run, but sit still and ignore him and he will come "purring" to your feet.

Neither of these Victorian scenarios relate to a twin flame relationship. The implication that women must act as a prize the man needs to win objectifies females, while the other implication that women are doing the hard work of relationship maintenance and not even getting the pay-off of the diamond ring and the wedding dress is offensive. It seems to imply that men have a lot of power to take single women and validate them socially, by choosing them in a big public display. Today, women can find validation through their own successes as people in their own right.

However, it goes without saying that even if your life is successful and full in other areas, without twin flame love you will feel an unexplained ache of emptiness inside. Human beings are social animals, and most of us are happier when we share our lives with a significant other, or others. Demonstrating care for another is an important aspect of life for us.

But don't just "make do" because you fear being single, for the "social stigma" of being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely. Being single isn't something to run away from, in fact it's the perfect opportunity for us to improve our outlook and understand ourselves, and be ready for the right relationship when it comes our way.

Whatever your reasons are to check out this page today, there's one thing for sure - you're tired of settling for anything less than a remarkable relationship that thoroughly fulfils you, and that you deserve. And the more you fill your life, the more it will help you discover just what it is you are searching for.

Now is the perfect time to find yourself - more importantly find love for yourself and that being lonely is just a state of soul and mind - to let go of the past and come out from under the shadow of those karmic relationships that no longer serve you, and prepare yourself for when the runner in your life returns.

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Because make no mistake, if it is twin flame love, then you need to know that the pull of desire between you both will be too strong to deny indefinitely. And to be able to make the best of the amazing experience of twin flame love, if it is in your divinity to experience the "runner" phase, then the purpose of this is to allow you the opportunity of some inner soul work.

Allow all the mental clicks to fall into place about what you want from life, and as you discover yourself and unlock your senses to a new consciousness and awareness, visualise what it is you want. Heal your own issues, and trust in your own inner voice when it begins to speak. This is why I give so much space to self-improvement articles, because it all helps us in the process towards finding our twin flame.

Therefore, if your twin flame is a "runner", as you give him or her their space to work through their feelings, allow yourself the same space to work through your own. How you do this will be unique to your own individuality. For some, prayer is important at this time. Others will want to meditate. More will want to actively talk or work through their feelings within a like-minded support group.

Do whatever works and feels right right for you. There is no one-size-fits-all method, in actuality searching for the method right for you is also part of the process of discovering who you are! So don't let money-making gurus get rich off you because you want a quick love fix - there really is no such thing.

When you start living consciously, and give your "runner" space, when your twin flame suddenly realises he or she feels the same way, and you are no longer chasing him or her, it will give your twin flame mate a "soul shock". The more he or she runs, the longer this phase gets, but be patient. Continue to use this time well for more self-improvement activities. It is only once you are in synergy with your own internal workings and your life on your own, can you be ready for long-lasting synergism with your twin flame. It also gives you the mindset to know you can attract your twin flame.

Love your mind, body and soul.

So sign up to a gym, or volunteer for some local charity activities. See that there are people worse off out there than you. Be attentive to the beauty in the world, and fill yourself up with it. Learn something new or start a new hobby, like gardening, or go on a short trip away to be alone or go with close knit company. Or even find and make a few friends online that are in twin flame relationships and get their first hand advice and tips on how they managed to work through these stages.

Here's what I know for sure: It is entirely possible to manifest your twin flame into life, but it will take effort on your part, too. Divinity is a map, but it won't help you walk through it. Don't just say, "it wasn't meant to be" and walk away without having tried first! When you understand the process of how to attract your twin flame, some may tell you it's as simple as following a recipe in a cookbook, but what makes the soufflé is not the recipe, but the making of the soufflé itself.

Thus the most important commitment you must make in order to find or attract your twin flame is to know that, regardless of how many disappointments you might have had in the past, or how old you are, finding true love is possible - but only if you're willing to prepare yourself, on all levels, to become a magnet for twin flame love. It really does all begin with you.

By engaging in your own proven, effective process of inner transformation, you can ensure you attract the right partner and create the relationship of your dreams.

Yours in love,

Mickie Kent


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